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Artist / Metalsmith / Jeweler / Crocheter

Artist / Metalsmith / Jeweler / Crocheter

Katie Schutte was born and raised in Ohio. Her work is the result of combining crochet with various jewelry, glass, and sculpture techniques. As a child, she often saved up to purchase jewelry making kits and taught herself to crochet in high school. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Kent State University in 2006 and her Master of Fine Art from Miami University in 2011. While at Miami, she taught Jewelry and Metalsmithing courses to students from various majors and received several grants and awards. Her work has been shown in exhibitions organized by the Enamelist Society, the Ohio Craft Museum, and the Ohio State Fair, among others. She was awarded a solo show in Los Angeles, California and her work was included in the First Bagues Masriera International Enamel Award in Barcelona, Spain. Occasionally, she dabbles in photography and currently lives in south west Wisconsin with her husband and a collection of cats.